The Ottawa Citizen website has a November 6, 2013 article that discusses the erratic changes in Vancouver’s home prices. Analysts are claiming that the region’s home prices in general are unlikely to appreciate anytime soon until buyer demand meets supply in the middle. The article also made the following observations regarding housing trends:In Metro-560-wideSingle-family home sales accounted for about 10,000 of the 25,000 sales in Greater Vancouver last year, with condo and townhouse sales accounting for the rest..B.C. Real Estate Association chief economist Cameron Muir said Metro Vancouver’s housing stock will continue to move toward higher-density homes in the future as 80 per cent of housing construction starts are multi-family units. “Land supply and affordability constraints will keep the housing stock shifting,” he said. “Over time, single-detached housing will garner an increasing premium as it becomes a smaller portion of the total housing stock while remaining desirable among many buyers.” Muir said Metro Vancouver has the infrastructure to develop more walkable, transit-oriented, high-density communities so expect even more development of multi-family housing near transit lines in the next decade.The extrapolation that single-detached housing will remain desirable in the near future despite being overshadowed by multi-family housing comes as good news for current homeowners looking to sell their properties in the future. However, such assumptions won’t guarantee immediate sales, and it’s not simple to turn over a house despite favorable conditions. With the help of a skilled Vancouver real estate agent, however, selling a home can be simplified.While selling a home on your own is perfectly possible, having a real estate agent at hand can really help close the deal. With their wealth of knowledge on the current market and the trends affecting it, agents can capably promote a home for sale and even set a reasonable and enticing price for the property. Agents can also arrange for home staging and open house visits to lure in prospective buyers, as well as promote the property through online channels.Basically, having an agent help out in selling can increase the marketability of a particular property. Fortunately, there are numerous real estate agents in Vancouver that homeowners can go to for assistance. The key to a successful sale is to enlist an agent who’s both reliable and experienced, such as Jamie Hooper.(Article Excerpt and Image from In Metro, prices unlikely to rise much until demand catches supply, Ottawa Citizen, November 6, 2013)