Buy Real Estate Outside Vancouver – We Can Help.

(the following is a video transcription)

Are you considering purchasing a property outside of Greater Vancouver? If you’re interested just let us know, we have a network full of realtors all across North American and Worldwide that can help you out with your needs!

Over the past couple of years since the foreign buyers tax was implemented in the lower mainland, we’ve seen a real change to the landscape of real estate in Greater Vancouver. Now so more than ever we are seeing people purchase properties in different areas as Vancouver becomes less and less affordable to the average person.

The 2 biggest markets in Canada have recently slowed down, that being Toronto and Vancouver. What that has does is it has caused a lot of markets in smaller cities to pick up such as the Okanogan, and Vancouver Island picking up dramatically. All sorts of small towns throughout BC have experienced rising prices since these things happened a couple of years ago. We have a network full of realtors all across North America and Worldwide that can assist you with your needs even though I work specifically the Greater Vancouver market. If you are considering moving to one of these different cities or if you’d like to buy an investment property in a different city we can line you up with the person you want to speak to. One of the big reasons we are seeing these things change is that we have a bit of an exodus from the Lower Mainland. Now what I mean by exodus is that out of the last 20 properties that I have listed for sale, 17 of these groups were leaving the Lower Mainland. This was never the case going back 10 or 15 years.

Older people are leaving because lets say you bought your house for $200,000 in 1990, well today that house is worth $2,000,000 – you can get a heck of nice place in one of those smaller places for $1,000,000 and then put another $1,000,000 in the bank if you’re someone who is thinking about retiring. The flip-side about that is that if you are younger person whose not currently in the Vancouver Market already, well you may not be able to get into a detached home unless you go to one of these smaller towns.

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