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A prime living location in the southern part of Greater Vancouver, Ladner is a popular place for buying and selling real estate. Here, you’ll find a mix of new construction, historical homes, modest condominiums, and large acreages. Here’s a quick run-down of what Ladner has to offer.

Ladner is one of the oldest communities in the lower mainland, and its historical legacy is still visible today. In the part of town known as Ladner Village, you’ll find a fully preserved heritage community that takes visitors back to the 1930s, when Ladner Village was a gathering place for local farmers. There, you can stroll the wide pedestrian sidewalks, stop for a bite at an open-air café, and enjoy the atmosphere of a community that still lives in a simpler time. You’ll also find many beautiful heritage homes in the area, as well as new apartment complexes and condominiums.

More about the Ladner Area


Ladner was initially founded as a fishing village on the coast of Fraser River. It was first developed in 1868 as a large farming and fishing operation. It was named after Thomas and William Ladner, who first came to the area. Now, Ladner is home to over 20,000 people who love its charms and historic feel. Although it is filled with single-family homes, it is also filled with new developmental condo properties and apartments. Ladner is an ever-expanding area and has a community of people who’ve been there for generations, people who continue to welcome newcomers as their neighbors and friends.

If you are local to the Ladner, British Columbia area, then you will know that Ladner is one of the finer neighborhood communities in the Lower Mainland area. Located just outside of the heart of Vancouver, Ladner is only thirty minutes away, by car, and you can find it just off the highway 17 when you’re in route to Victoria Ferry at Tsawwassen. The Ladner area and its southern suburban neighbor, Tsawwassen, are best known as the unofficial region as “South Delta.”

Ladner Features

If you are looking to spend an afternoon with a “classic town” aesthetic, Ladner Village is located just north of Ladner Trunk Road and west of Arthur Drive. This town boasts rich character with open-air cafes, locally owned and operated boutiques, the Delta Museum, and the town’s most prized center; the town clock (amongst one of the oldest still operating in the Lower Mainland area).

Ladner hosts the longest-running festival in Delta called, ‘Ladner Pioneer May Days,’ simply known as ‘May Days’ by the locals. This festival is adorned with tons of local events (perfect for any age range), a parade, a carnival and more. May Days is held on the weekend that follows Queen Victoria’s birthday on the 24th of May. It is a great weekend that brings the community together to celebrate a long-standing Ladner tradition.

To add to the town’s love for outdoor festivities, every other Sunday in the warmer months of the year, the Ladner Village Market takes place on the more popular streets in the town. This is best known as a farmer’s market where tons of locals spend their days with their families, eating, drinking, enjoying live entertainment, and shopping for produce, and crafts.

This area has a few islands off the coast of the Fraser River that are just off the mainland but still considered part of Lander. These smaller islands can only be reached by boat; however, most are dedicated to preserving wildlife and farms. The Westham Island, for example, hosts and protects a large bird sanctuary and is constantly helping to assist with the birds local to the region. Some of the birds, such as bald eagles and multiple owl species are housed in this sanctuary and are framed by popular organic farms, like berry farms.


As a well-liked suburb of Vancouver, it has become a popular destination for many families looking to relocate away from the city. Ladner is jam-packed with stunning single-family homes that have been there since the town first started operating, and many of which that are have been just recently built. The homes are typically quite affordable and perfect to raise a family. Part of the appeal from these homes is their medium sized lots, plenty space for parking, and stunningly large backyards and greenery.

Ladner is now growing in popularity with its recent burst of condominium developmental areas. In light of the new development areas and featured new apartments and condo complexes, Lander has had a sudden burst of population growth, and it is projected to grow in the coming years.


Ladner is home to a number of community schools as part of the Delta School District. For younger children, between the grades of K-7, Ladner offers Ladner Elementary, Neilson Grove, Port Guichon and Hawthorne as community schools for learning, located on the west side of Highway 17. Children may attend Holly Elementary if parents or guardians reside on the east side of Highway 17.


Great community living is very apparent in Ladner. The wide sidewalks, the great historic buildings, the community parks and swimming pools add to the community living feel of the area. The large canals that use to be used as means of transportation, now sit idle, clean and available as fishing banks.  With the numerous parks available, outdoor-lovers can utilize these stunning parks for cycling, running, dog walking, and spending time with families. There is even an area called Cove Links which boasts a nine-hole golf course for golfers, or those looking to try it out.

Ladner locals can’t get enough of the Ladner Leisure Centre. This recreational facility is a first class, modern fitness center, complete with a six-lane lap pool for swimmers, an ice-skating rink for hockey players and figure skaters, a fully-equipped weight room for workout buffs, and a rock climbing wall for kids and adults alike! The Ladner Leisure center is often visited by the locals who are looking to work on their fitness, as well as others who are looking to spend time with friends and family. It is even open for rental services for private events or sporting events. In the surrounding areas, Ladner is also home for hosting community soccer practices and tournaments as well as kid’s baseball, skateboard, and lacrosse parks.

The Ladner area was once considered a tired old town but now is getting the makeover of a lifetime. With new developmental properties, construction, and even renovations of older properties, it has drawn in a larger population for settlement. This town is a perfect place for young families, couples, and even working professionals (as it provides a simple route to and from Vancouver). It is easily accessible by major highways and can be entered through rail as well. It is a mere 20-30 minutes outside of the bustling city of Vancouver, that provides the quiet home-town feel, without being too detached from the city life. A perfect place for a family who wants the best of both worlds.

Ladner MLS Real Estate Listings

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