In this weeks video, Jamie talks about the Pros and Cons of living in Vancouver. If you’re looking to move to the Lower Mainland you will want to watch this.

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5 Things Good about Living in Vancouver

First of all, we are going to talk about the five things that I love about Vancouver. I am born and raised, I have been here my whole life, and I love this place. I want to share some things that I love about this city with you.

The first thing I love about Vancouver is Summer. There is no place in the world like Vancouver in the summertime. We are far enough north that it stays light out until around 10 pm from the middle of June until the middle of July. We get about 1-17 hours of daylight during that time, the sun is up by 5 am, and it is great. The city really comes along in the summertime, thanks to the winter being the exact opposite.

The 2nd thing would be the downtown core. When you travel to other cities in North America, the downtown cores are not that exciting. The downtown core in Vancouver is very unique as it is surrounded by beaches in most of the areas. Usually, downtown cores are industrial or all office, but Vancouver has a mix of business and residential. It is one of the most densely populated areas in North America, and the Vancouver real estate downtown is pretty darn pricey. There is great nightlife, fabulous restaurants, the Seawall where you can bike and run, and it is just an absolutely beautiful place.

The 3rd thing I love is the ethnic diversity. If you don’t like multicultural cities, Vancouver is not the place for you as there are tons of different ethnicities and nationalities. What goes along with that that I love is all the cultural events. There is Greek Days, Italian Days, Caribbean Days and everything you can think of goes on during the summertime around the city.

One of the other truly unique things is that you can go snow skiing, water skiing and go golfing all in the same day. You could do this probably from late April until around the middle of June. You could go skiing up at Whistler in the morning, and come back down and go water skiing in English Bay (you’d probably want a wetsuit still) and then lastly book yourself a round of twilight golf. I don’t know of many other places in the world where you can do that.

The last thing would be, the city as a large metropolitan area is safe. When my children were growing up, I lived out in the suburbs in Ladner and my son would not carry keys. He left my house open every day, for a period of 18 years and we never got broken into one time. That’s one of the other fabulous things that I love about the city.

5 Things bad about Living in Vancouver

Now let’s talk about the five things I don’t like about Vancouver. When the clocks change at the beginning of November, it starts to get dark by 4 in the afternoon around here, combined with torrential downpours. The weather will not be good around here from Nov-Feb, it gets dark early and rains a lot. You got to love those Vancouver days when you wake up, and it’s grey and dark, and it doesn’t really get light all day until the sun sets again. That is definitely one of the things that I do not like a lot.

The 2nd thing is that the taxi service around here is abysmal. The taxi service in the city is bad. City council will not let Uber in for some reason. That’s also one of the big things that I am not crazy about as well.

The 3rd thing is, is that my beloved Vancouver Canucks have never won the Stanley Cup! I am a tortured Canuck fan. I watched their first game when Barry Wilkins scored their first goal for the Vancouver Canucks back in 1970, and this will be my 50th year of this agony.

The next one is that the traffic around here is horrific. The population has doubled since 1986. It’s gone from about 1.4 million people to 2.8 million people. What used to take half an hour to drive somewhere takes 45 minutes to an hour now, so you have to be patient.

The last one I do not like, and you might find this odd coming from a realtor, but it’s the sky-high prices of Vancouver Real Estate. I am a father too, not just a realtor, and I have 2 daughters I need to get into the real estate market where they are either going to have to wait for me to die, or I’m going to have to pony up, or they will have to move to some other small town.

These are some of the things I do not like about Vancouver, but overall, there is a price to pay to live in paradise. Vancouver is the only city in Canada, where it does not snow most of the time. If it does happen to snow, the whole city comes to a grinding stop, and the rest of Canada thinks it is hilarious. I hope this gives you a little insight if you are thinking of moving to Vancouver and buying real estate.

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