Celebrating a Realtors Tradition

Every July 1st  at 3:00 AM in the morning Jamie Hooper, a Vancouver Realtor, and his crew place 1,350 Canadian flags in the front yards of Ladner homes to celebrate Canada Day.

It’s a tradition he started in the mid-1990’and continues every year.

Vancouver Realtors

He recruits his crew from local sports teams and donates to their fundraising efforts.  The team has fun running up and down the streets placing the flags on local residents lawns. They know the people in the houses will be waking up to a surprise on Canada Day and enjoy being part of the event. At dawn when all the flags have been placed in front of the houses, you can look down the streets and see rows and rows of the Red and white flags.

Its a win-win for everyone!

In 2017 Jamie captured the event and created a video for the team to share.  


What does being a Real Estate Agent mean?

As one of Vancouver’s Top Real Estate Agents, Jamie began his Real Estate career in the Ladner area.  Being a Real Estate agent meant more to him that being a licensed professional who represents home buyers and sellers through the negotiations, agreements and any real estate related transaction. It meant connecting to the community he represented.  These were people who entrusted him to help buy or sell their homes.  

He wanted to do something for the community that would put a smile on peoples faces and the tradition was started.  Although his career has expanded him to the Vancouver area,  selling many homes in the Vancouver West-Side and Downtown Vancouver area he still continues this tradition in the Ladner neighbourhood. 

For him “He thinks it looks beautiful and makes him proud to be a Canadian”

Is Vancouver Canada a good place to live?

Thinking about moving to Vancouver in 2019? Even though it can rain a lot between the months of November and March, Vancouver, BC frequently ranks high as one of the globes most livable cities. Add in a realtor who helps you celebrate the nations birthday every year and you’ve got a winning place to put down your roots.