Most everyone will come to a point when they will have to sell their current home and move into a new one. Whatever the reason is, they have two choices on how to go about this venture: take the do-it-yourself route or work with a real estate professional. writer Helen Burnett-Nichols offers her insight on these two home selling methods. Own Home
The time factor. With realtors involved, says Haak, a seller will often get a phone call asking whether a prospective buyer can come for a showing on a certain day, and then all the seller has to do is leave the house for a few hours. When selling your house privately, screening calls, booking and conducting showings and answering questions all become your responsibility. “If you really need to sell, doing it yourself is more than just throwing a line into the water to see if you’re going to catch something,” says O’Sullivan. “You need to understand that this is a job, in and of itself, so you need to have the time available and commit to doing the legwork.”
As of present time, Vancouver’s mortgage rates are down, giving home sellers good chances of landing a buyer. However, while sellers may be willing to do legwork, they can’t say for sure that they will get the maximum value for their property. As such, locals can instead consider working with a reliable Vancouver real estate agent when putting their home on the market. Here are the benefits they can expect:Real estate professionals can thoroughly evaluate property.Homeowners tend to be subjective when it comes to assessing their property’s condition. They are likely to say their property is marketable as it is even when it needs a lot of work. Meanwhile, real estate agents in Vancouver can provide an objective viewpoint in assessing the property, looking into aspects that may need renovation or repair to help land a sale.Real estate professionals can provide comparative market analysis.Some sellers estimate their property’s asking price based on the old price. However, the real estate industry don’t work that way. Some factors have to be considered first like costs of similar properties in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, some real estate agents do a comparative market analysis to get a good idea of what the home’s asking price should be.Selling a home on one’s own seems simple, considering the plethora of online tools available. However, there’s more to selling than just spreading the word about the property and capturing the interest of buyers. Property evaluation and comparative market analysis should be done first, and fortunately, an established real estate agent like Jamie Hooper are well-versed in both aspects.(Source: Should you sell your own home?,, July 27, 2012)