Listing Marketing Plan

Campaign Goals

The primary objective of the marketing campaign is to find a buyer for your home. The criteria for meeting this objective include the following:

  • Selling your home at or above market value

  • Achieving the sale within your preferences for timing


The target audience for your home are prospective buyers actively searching for homes within your home’s price range, area, lifestyle, or any combination of these variables. We’ll use information such as photos, potentially video, and details about your home as the main benefit or value to attract the audience. This information will help them determine if your home meets their criteria and give them the opportunity to express their interest.


The message’s positioning is the main theme in the marketing for your home. It represents the distinct value your home offers in comparison to its competition on the market. Buyers are evaluating your home against the others, which is why we want your home to stand out from the competing houses.

Developing the positioning requires three steps: Assessing the home’s condition and highlight features compared to other similar home for sale, connecting those features to the current trends in buyer preferences, crafting the narrative to connect to the distinctive value your home offers.

Example: Rare sub $2,000,000 remodeled detached home in top school district.

Listing Distribution


Calls to Action

Calls to Action are created for different levels of buyer interest to connect with the viewer based on where they are in their home buying journey. The following calls-to-action may be used throughout the marketing mix for your home’s campaign:

Schedule a Tour

Viewers can schedule a specific day and time to tour your home. This indicates a serious buyer. A variation of this call-to-action is “See This Home.”

Ask a Question

Viewers can fill out a form, message, text, or call my phone number to find out more details about your home. This indicates a high-interest buyer. Typically, the next step for this viewer is to schedule a tour to see the home.

Learn More

Viewers can fill out a form, message, text, or call my phone number to find out more details about your home. This indicates a high-interest buyer. Typically, the next step for this viewer is to schedule a tour to see the home.


We utilize performance-based marketing practices to monitor and improve results as our campaigns are implemented. The following measurements (metrics) may be tracked during this campaign:

Number of Listing Ads Views

Number of Landing Page Views

Number of Listing Inquiries

Number of Showings



Our full-service marketing may include the following creative to use in our marketing campaign for your home:

  • Professional Photography

  • Full Property Tour Video

  • Highlight-Feature Social Posts

  • Marketing Narratives Written for Landing Pages, MLS & Syndication

  • Featured Property Landing Page

  • Facebook Creative (Copy, Design & Video)

  • Instagram Creative (Copy, Design & Video)

  • YouTube Creative (Copy & Video)

  • Mobile-friendly Creative



Your home may be marketed on the following platforms:



Depending on the circumstances and available creative, the following table reflects A SAMPLE Promotional Schedule that may be used to find a buyer for your home.



Once at Start





We could boast about our achievements, but it’s our clients’ testimonials that truly showcase our worth.


Jamie Hooper has been our realtor for over 30 years through at least half a dozen transactions- most recently last year during a time when markets literally froze. Jamie’s quick responsiveness and great negotiation skills paired with Gina’s attention to detail are a truly wonderful match.

Highly recommend!”



“We were a bit unsure at the beginning since every agent we met claimed they were good. But it all cleared up after our first meeting and we can only say he is the real professional agent we’ve met who helped us sell our property within an unexpectedly short time.

We would recommend Jamie to anybody who is looking for a reliable, efficient and professional realtor.”

Henry Yau


“Jamie was a pleasure to work with, he helped show us the best housing options for what we were looking for. He’s always willing to offer his time and energy when I had any questions.

I would strongly recommend using Jamie for any Real estate inquiries that you may have.”

Jamie Cuthbertson

“Over the decades Jamie has worked with me to find and purchase a new home at different stages of my life. From finding a home for myself and children a couple of times, to downsizing, to changes due to covid everything has gone smoothly.

Jamie, and Gina for the last couple of moves, have done everything to ensure there were no surprises during the process.

Jamie and Gina were always available to answer any questions, keeping everything organized, and pointing out various options. Thanks to both of you for always being level-headed during a time that could easily have turned into chaos! And for understanding that chaos is not my favorite scene.”


“Jamie and Gina helped us with selling and buying our homes, once in 2016 and then again 6 years later. Jamie is very knowledgeable about the current markets. He was particularly good about setting a price for the homes that we were selling.

He spent a good deal of time with us and never made us feel rushed. Gina always kept in touch with us, gave good feedback after open houses, and guided us through the paperwork that we needed to do.

Jamie and Gina are both very friendly and easy to work with.

They are an experienced and trustworthy team.”



In the end, it’s our clients’ voices that matter most. Their feedback shapes our journey and validates our efforts. See more testimonials here.


Jamie Hooper
Gina Fraser

Jamie Hooper

Gina Fraser