Professionals of the Canadian Real Estate Association believed earlier this year that the market was touch and go. As the Globe and Mail recently reported, however the Canadian housing market “is on track to close out 2013 on a stronger note than last year”.Housing Market-560-wideThe Canadian Real Estate Association said on Monday that it now expects the average price of houses sold over the Multiple Listing Service to have risen by 5.2 per cent this year, to $382,200. Heading into 2013, CREA had been expecting the average price to rise just 0.3 per cent; it became even more pessimistic in March when it revised its forecast and called for a 0.2-per-cent decline, to $362,600.CREA’s prediction for the number of houses that will change hands this year is now 458,200, which would be a 0.8-per-cent increase from 2012.This development bodes well for Vancouver homeowners who may be looking to sell their properties in the near future. When selling a home, educating one’s self about the real estate market is important.Market changes will influence the value of a home regardless of how desirable or how maintained it is. Home values, in turn, have considerable effects on the saleability of a home included in MLS listings in Vancouver or elsewhere.Generally, the real estate market has three types of market conditions: buyers’, sellers’, and balanced.Buyers’ MarketThe buyer’s market is often a “slow” one. This market type happens when the number of homes on sale exceed the number of buyers. Given that, one can expect home prices to decline.Sellers’ MarketThe seller’s market is a “hot” one where there are more buyers than houses for sale. Thus, homes can sell fast and sellers can receive multiple offers. When selling a home in this type of market, one can expect to find serious buyers who are willing to pay more than what the seller expects.Balanced MarketA balanced market has an equal number of homes and buyers. Sales numbers are stable, and available homes can average three to six months on the market. In this type of market, sellers can receive some competitive offers for their homes.In any type of market, however, sellers can always improve their chances of getting a good deal when their properties are included in Vancouver, BC MLS listings of trusted realty experts like Jamie Hooper. As part of these listings, a property gets the attention of buyers looking for a new home. Additionally, it also gets on the radar of savvy real estate investors who are looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by any type of market.(Article Excerpt and Image from Vancouver-area real estate market looks healthy for 2014, experts say, The Province, December 11, 2013)