People use a multiple listing service (MLS) to find and buy homes. However, some of them feel overwhelmed if MLS listings in Vancouver show many choice homes for sale. An MLS offers numerous benefits to people ready to buy homes. How Stuff Works has more on this:Multiple Listing-560-wide(1)As a buyer, you enjoy the benefit of instant access to listings that match specified criteria, beyond price range and location. Maybe you want to see homes with a big yard, a garage and a lake view, or homes in a certain school district or close to public transportation. Many multiple listing service sites can also tell you how much you should expect to pay in real estate taxes, mortgage payments, and utilities on a particular property. This service has saved everyone involved in real estate transactions — buyers, sellers and their agents — time and legwork in sorting through the millions of properties on the market.Understandably, it feels tough to choose among a home with a nice garden, another with a lake view, or a third near a place of convenience. So how can people narrow down their home choices in their Vancouver MLS listings? The Canadian Real Estate Association suggests three things to consider before searching: home type, desired features, and ideal location.Home TypeWhat type of home do people want? Some may choose condominiums because they are easier to maintain. Others prefer single-family homes for more land and space to move within.Desired FeaturesWhat features do people seek in their homes? Different people look for different elements such as a wide bathroom, a garage-workshop, or a fireplace. Maybe they prefer a home with a garden that’s easy to maintain, or one with a swimming pool for parties during summer.Ideal LocationWhere should the desired home be? Some people want the home near places like the mall, a playground, or the church. Others look for properties in small communities where everyone can get together.At the end of the day, it boils down to people knowing what they want in their desired homes. It helps if people write down as many specifics as they can so they know what to look for. An added boost is if they seek an experienced professional such as Jamie Hooper for their real estate needs.(Article Excerpt and Image from How Multiple Listing Services Works, HowStuffWorks)