2018 Top Vancouver Realtor

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Vancouver home or condo. The right realtor should be a part of your game plan.  There are only a few that qualify as “Top Vancouver Realtors of 2018” and they are the best for good reason. Why would you ever risk such an important live decision to chance. Know all your options, see the whole picture, get a proven pro.When choosing your Vancouver Realtor here is a good guide to follow.Its always good to have a connection with your realtor or agent. Though much of this may seem obvious all the top Vancouver Realtors of 2018 are client driven, excellent communicators, very experienced in the Vancouver real estate market, highly motivated, excellent listeners and most importantly have a proven track record. If your realtor has all these characteristics then you are likely on the road to achieving a very positive outcome for you and your family.There are a “hand full” of realtors in Vancouver that fit the above description. We welcome you to meet Jamie Hooper. Experience, Awards, Market Knowledge, Client Motivated Jamie understands the challenges and stresses of both buying and selling a home.  He educates, supports and assists his clients with a process that makes your process and decision making fast, simple and easy.