Vancouver Eastside Real Estate

East Side Vancouver real estate is the most affordable in the city and has seen dramatic change in over the last 10 or 15 years. Residents get the benefit of living in the city with everything it has to offer. From the trendy Main Street and Commercial Drive areas, to the more family oriented neighborhoods, you are never more than 15 minutes from downtown. Some of the many activities to enjoy include Italian days and the annual summer exhibition on the PNE grounds.

More about the Eastside of Vancouver


Vancouver’s Eastside Area is filled with culture, architectural buildings, growing neighborhoods and growing families. With astounding neighborhoods like Hastings East, Champlain Heights, Collingwood and much more, that allow their growing city even more room for growth with schools, parks, activities and of course, stunning housing.

Vancouver’s Eastside area was one of Vancouver’s latest areas to be revamped but has allowed their rich urban culture to shine through with their new housing underway, new schools with a top of the line education, recreational parks, shopping and restaurants and much more. Just minutes away from Metro downtown, the Eastside area is in a perfect location that gives a complete neighborhood feel, with a location just outside the bustling city.

The area was first founded around 1886 with only a few residents and since then, has grown and molded into the home for thousands of people. It is popularly considered a working-class area, filled with established families, couples, and older citizens. It is an area in which has become a home for a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Vancouver’s Eastside area has a very large Chinese influence with generations of Chinese residents who had migrated back in the 1960’s. Today, this area is blooming with an array of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, which add to the already cultured community.

Vancouver Eastside Features

Commercial Drive is an immensely popular street that is jam-packed with locally owned and operated shops, little cafés, restaurants, coffee shops and much more. This area is commonly known as ‘The Drive’ by the locals, it is constantly busy with kids and adults of all ages who come to enjoy what all the shops have to offer. From clothing boutiques to food and drink cafés, to sex toy shops and even hemp shops, there is a spot for everyone on The Drive! It also boasts an Italian history (as it was heavily influenced by Italians in its early days) and has an Italian Day every year which celebrates the influence the Italian culture has had on The Drive. You can find this street located in the heart of the Grandview-Woodland neighborhood.

Vancouver’s Eastside area contains countless parks that are perfect for cyclists, dog walkers, runners and more. The great outdoors is a beautiful place to be in any one of these parks, some even framed by stunning canals.

Young families and active adults love to visit the Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a huge 130-acre park that is located on Little Mountain in Eastside Vancouver. This park offers locals a pitch and putts golf course, multiple tennis courts, tai chi, lawn bowling clubs, disc golf course, and more. The Queen Elizabeth Park is home to many stunning attractions such as the Quarry gardens, many fountains and plazas, a gorgeous floral conservatory, sculptures and much more.


Vancouver’s Eastside area is home to predominantly working-class families and typically more ethnically diverse neighborhoods. It is filled with an array of apartment buildings, detached and attached homes and condos. There is a home for anyone in this area, for those who enjoy multi-cultural influences in their neighborhood, this side of Vancouver is the side for you.

This is the excellent place for those who choose not to pay the higher prices of the Westside of Vancouver, but still, enjoy the proximity to the city. It is a great area to live.

Shopping & Restaurants

Vancouver’s Eastside Area offers stunning dining locations and great shopping with prices from low to extremely high. There is a spot to eat and a place to shop for everyone’s budget in Vancouver’s Eastside area.

The types of foods that are offered here range from all cultures that have had an impact in the city. From spicy Indian curry to noodles, to burgers, and deep-fried prawns, there’s a dish available for anyone’s taste buds. There are places to grab a quick bite at almost every corner as they are conveniently placed in all the major neighborhoods. You will be satisfied with the array of ethnic food dishes available in Vancouver’s Eastside, from Mom & Pop cafés and restaurants to major chains and fast food options, one thing’s for sure, you won’t ever be looking for food as it will always be around the corner!

In addition to the ready-made food cafés and restaurants, Vancouver’s Eastside area also offers an immense amount of grocery chains and national drug stores near one another. Chances are, you won’t ever be worried about where to purchase food to make your next meal. There are many plazas available for shopping for food as well as for clothing and in amazing locations as well. There are tons of bars and shopping centers available for when you want to spend time with friends and family. There are many popular spots for locals to get together to have a pint or to grab a bite. You will never run out of shops and restaurants in Vancouver’s Eastside area.


With downtown being so close in proximity, Vancouver’s Eastside area gives its residents the ease of traveling from any and all neighborhoods across the city and outskirt areas. With easy connections to YVR airport and major highways, Vancouver’s Eastside area is in a great location for those who enjoy traveling. It allows quick access to all major neighborhoods in the city and is all accessible by car or bus. A TransLink bus service regularly runs along the major avenues and streets which gives its residents the ability to get anywhere in a short amount of time.


The Vancouver Eastside area is home to the oldest school in all of Vancouver called Lord Strathcona Elementary, which was founded in 1891. This (still standing) school is home to children from grades K-7 and continues to support a great education from students to teachers alike. Because of the heavy ethnic influences on Vancouver’s Eastside, it is home to tons of schools, some even cultured schools such as the Vancouver Japanese Language School, founded in 1906. Today, this area is proud to host such a diverse amount of cultures that happily reside in Vancouver’s Eastside area.