Vancouver Real Estate Video Gallery

Welcome to our exclusive video gallery, this is a collection of insightful and evergreen content designed to guide you through the dynamic and often challenging Vancouver Real Estate market. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of this unique market, Jamie’s videos can provide a valuable perspectives and some expert advice.

Jamie dives into a diverse range of topics that cover everything from essential tips for navigating the competitive buying process, to assisting in understanding market trends, and uncovering hidden gems in various neighborhoods.

These videos are an informative resource and key to understanding and navigating the dynamic and intricate real estate market of Vancouver.


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Vancouver Real Estate March 2021 – The Last 40 Years In Real Estate

A look back at the ups and downs of the Greater Vancouver real estate market between 1981 and 2021

Vancouver Foreclosures in the 2019 Real Estate Bubble

When the markets slow down, people always get excited about foreclosure properties, thinking they will get a great deal. In this video, Jamie explains why this isn’t always the case!

Myths and Misconceptions

In this video, Jamie explains about 5 common misconceptions people have about the Greater Vancouver REAL ESTATE MARKET.

How to Tell If A Listing is Overpriced

Do you know how to spot an overpriced listing? In this video, Jamie teaches you the telltale signs!

A Brief History

A look back at the ups and downs of the Greater Vancouver real estate market between 1981 and 2021

What You Should Know About “Subject to Sale Offers”

Jamie explains the “Pros and Cons” of Subject to sale offers in this video!

Things you Need to Know about Selling Your Home

5 Things you need to know, before listing your home for sale.

The Truth About Open Houses

Are open houses necessary to get your home sold? In this video, Jamie explains the reasons realtors do open houses.

What You Do Not Want to Do When Selling

The 6 Dumbest mistakes smart people make when selling their home!

What You Should Know Before Moving to Vancouver

7 things you should know, before moving to Vancouver BC

Mistakes Home Sellers Make When Selling

In this video, Jamie speaks about 5 critical errors homeowners make when selling their homes.

Understanding Your Property Tax Assessment

Did you pay to much in property taxes? In this video, Jamie explains how to Understand your tax assessment!

Presale Condos In Vancouver

The Pros and Cons of buying Presale condos in Vancouver!

How to Sell Your Home…Easy

In this video, Jamie explains how to prepare your home for sale and create a “Stampede of Buyers” No matter what the market conditions!

How to Write A Winning Offer Everytime

Are you looking to purchase a home? Watch this video where Jamie will explain “How to write a winning offer anytime!