The following testimonials were written by just some of my happy sellers and buyers. They have all been kind enough to give me permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying. It seems that my down-to-earth and honest approach has earned me many friends – I think that’s fantastic!

"Over the decades Jamie has worked with me to find and purchase a new home at different stages of my life. From finding a home for myself and children a couple of times, to downsizing, to changes due to covid everything has gone smoothly.

Jamie, and Gina for the last couple of moves, have done everything to ensure there were no surprises during the process.

Jamie and Gina were always available to answer any questions, keeping everything organized, and pointing out various options. Thanks to both of you for always being level-headed during a time that could easily have turned into chaos! And for understanding that chaos is not my favorite scene."


"Jamie and Gina helped us with selling and buying our homes, once in 2016 and then again 6 years later. Jamie is very knowledgeable about the current markets. He was particularly good about setting a price for the homes that we were selling.

He spent a good deal of time with us and never made us feel rushed. Gina always kept in touch with us, gave good feedback after open houses, and guided us through the paperwork that we needed to do.

Jamie and Gina are both very friendly and easy to work with.

They are an experienced and trustworthy team."


I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly recommend Jamie Hooper as an outstanding real estate agent. Over the past two decades, I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie on multiple real estate transactions, including property purchases in Delta, New Westminster, and Vancouver.

Jamie's commitment to excellence and extensive knowledge of the local real estate market have consistently exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring a smooth transaction process have made each experience a positive and successful one.

Jamie possesses an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies of the real estate landscape in Delta, New Westminster, and Vancouver. His ability to navigate the complexities of the market, provide insightful advice, and negotiate favorable deals has been instrumental in my satisfaction as a client.

In addition to his expertise, Jamie's communication skills are commendable. He have always kept me informed and updated throughout the entire buying process, fostering a sense of trust and confidence. Jamie's approachability and willingness to address any concerns or questions further demonstrate their commitment to client satisfaction.

Having worked with Jamie for two decades, I can confidently say that his professionalism, integrity, and results-driven mindset make him an exceptional real estate agent. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie Hooper to anyone seeking a reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated professional for their real estate needs."


Jamie Hooper has been our realtor for over 30 years through at least half a dozen transactions- most recently last year during a time when markets literally froze. Jamie’s quick responsiveness and great negotiation skills paired with Gina’s attention to detail are a truly wonderful match.
Highly recommend!"


Jamie was my realtor for the purchase of our family home, and was informative, efficient and thorough in making it all go smoothly!
Thanks Jamie!

testiimonialMichael Abraham

"Jamie was a pleasure to work with, he helped show us the best housing options for what we were looking for. He's always willing to offer his time and energy when I had any questions.

I would strongly recommend using Jamie for any Real estate inquiries that you may have."

testiimonialJamie Cuthbertson

"We were a bit unsure at the beginning since every agent we met claimed they were good. But it all cleared up after our first meeting and we can only say he is the real professional agent we've met who helped us sell our property within an unexpectedly short time.

We would recommend Jamie to anybody who is looking for a reliable, efficient and professional realtor."

testiimonialHenry Yau