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Vancouver’s West Side real estate is among the most sought after in North America. Boasting beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants, excellent cycling trails, and pretty much anything else your heart desires. Excellent schools, parks and quiet residential areas make the West Side the perfect place to raise your family.

In what other city can you snow ski and water ski in the same day in the month of May! Whatever your interests are, you will never lack for things to do! Most parts of the West Side are just 10 to 15 minutes from Downtown providing easy access for business people and those who love the night-life!

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More about the Westside of Vancouver


Vancouver’s Westside area is a stunning, green, and lush tree-filled area that is blossoming with new developments, in combination with its classic style homes. It is an area that is popularly occupied by young families, students, seniors and young professionals. The close proximity to the city allows people of all ages to easily access the downtown core without too much hassle. It is a perfect place for those who want to be close enough to the city, without living in it.

The heritage of the area has been well-kept over the years since it’s boom of development in the 1940’s. Although the Westside area of Vancouver is incredibly close to the city center, it has still managed to keep the peaceful and tranquil feel of an established and matured neighborhood. Its greenery is well-kept with tree-lined streets and grass-lined sidewalks, the neighborhoods of this area are among some of the most stunning in Vancouver as a whole. It positively is a very well-desired area to live in.


The Vancouver Council and their hard-working staff are constantly ensuring the city’s homes are built and being renovated to be safer and healthier for their future residents. The council does everything from reducing the carbon footprint created by homes, enhance safety through regulations and permits and improve the design of older homes and for plans of newer homes as well. Because Vancouver’s Westside area is such a historical place that is filled with stunning architecture, buildings, and homes (that have been there for 50+ years), the area is constantly working to ensure all homes remain safe and livable for any future residents.

The area is filled with gorgeous neighborhoods that are heavily sprinkled with stunning established and matured trees and greenery. Houses come in an assortment of styles such as craftsman, Victorian and old English cottage and many more. The city is providing the locals with guides that help to create a home that is better for the environment by delivering money-saving tips and green home renovation guides. Slowly but surely, the area not only is green and lush on the outside of the homes, but the homes themselves are gradually being transformed into greener smart homes, all while keeping the character and history of the neighborhoods. The look of these neighborhoods truly gives the feel of a safe and positive place to raise a family with all ages.

This area is filled with detached single-family homes and dotted with townhouses as well. The majority of these homes were typically built between the 1940’s-1970’s, with some houses that are filled with the same classic character it was once built with, and some homes completely renovated to fit a modern family’s taste. There is a house style option for anyone looking to make the Westside of Vancouver their next home. The Westside of Vancouver truly gives off an established and matured neighborhood feel. With tree-lined streets, wide sidewalks, tons of greenery and character filled houses; this is sincerely an area for old souls and new families. A supremely safe place to raise your children.


This area is packed with options for school kids and adults of all ages. Because of the historical factor of the area, there are schools that have been around for many years and have been renovated accordingly, as well as schools newly built to accommodate the growing population. There are several independent, public, and private schools available for young children in the K-7 grade age range. The Prince of Wales Secondary School is a popular choice for growing teenagers in your family. It was first founded in 1920, making it one of the oldest schools in the district. The school was moved to its existing site in 1960, which had previously been a golf course. It has a wonderful educational program for teens and even disabled teens (who can join their Gold program). The first female Prime Minister of Canada, Kim Campbell, is an honorary alumnus of this school!


Vancouver’s Westside area is dotted with many community parks and recreational areas. Trafalgar Park is a popular destination for locals who are looking for greenery, and for people interested in sports such as soccer and baseball. The park is perfect for cyclists, runners, walkers, and there is even an area for dog walkers to walk their feline friends off their leash. If you are looking for a gorgeous location to spend an afternoon having a picnic, the Carnarvon Park is the essential spot. Tons of locals come to Carnarvon Park to surround themselves with the beauty of the lush plants and trees that are framed around the park. You will find trees such as plum, hornbeam, crabapple and much more in this park. It is also home to a children’s playground and multiple fields for sporting events and practices, available for rent as well.

Restaurants and Shopping

The Westside area of Vancouver is a community in which prides itself on the classical and historic feel of its neighborhoods. It does a great deal of protecting this landmark feel by providing the local residents with locally owned and operated restaurants and shops. You will see tons of mom and pop shops sprinkled around in these neighborhoods, and it honestly feels like a homey environment with all of the richness of culture as well. However, you will occasionally see popular chains in this area such as the wildly popular coffee chain, Starbucks and the grocery store, Choices. The Westside area is full of surprises and choices for anyone in any age range for shopping and food options. The area is simply packed with five-star dining restaurants in combination with just as delicious fast-food options.

There are a few strip malls and plazas available for the shopaholic(s) in the family. Favorite stores ranging from every price tag is available in this area. From trendy, on-the-go shops to the classic stores with styles your grandmother may enjoy, Vancouver’s Westside area offers plenty of choice style stores for all ages.

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